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          1. 2019 EDITION

            Learn 6 Profit-Boosting
            Tactics for Local Businesses

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            5 Tactics for Your Real Estate CRM

            HGTV's House Hunters makes it easy to get caught up in the thrill of real estate. The show follows an individual, couple or family as they search for ...
            Feb 20th, 2020 CRM

            How to Use Website Builder Software to Grow Your Local Business

            How important is it for small businesses to have a website in 2020? Well, you have consumers stating that a company's credibility is primarily based ...
            Feb 19th, 2020 Web Presence

            Local Businesses: How to Refocus Your Digital Strategy in 2020

            You have a website and maybe even a business listing on Google My Business -- is this all you need to build your digital presence?
            Feb 17th, 2020

            The Small Business' Guide to Hiring

            You've been in business for a while, but suddenly the days are flying by. Keeping up with current clients feels challenging — and new leads arrive ...
            Feb 16th, 2020

            3 Ways the SECURE Act May Affect Your Retirement Planning

            Most Americans would agree that the U.S. retirement system is far from perfect, and they’re correct. One in three Americans have absolutely no ...
            Feb 15th, 2020

            How to Ask for a Google Review (Template Included)

            Did you know that a simple one-star increase on Yelp could boost your revenue by 5% to 9%?
            Feb 14th, 2020
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